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Reverse Process FMEA
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" J'ai appris certaines subtilités sur l'AMDEC process. Cette formation me permet de mieux aborder la checklist existante. "
Fabien, JTEKT (27/03/2024)
" "Training was in line with my expectations" "
Serdjan, Novares Serbia (16/03/2021)
" Formation utile, intéressante pour le domaine de l'automobile. Idem pour sa culture perso. Formateur agréable et expérimenté malgré la complexité de nos machines. "
Jessy, VERNET (19/10/2021)
" Formation très intéressante, ça permet de balayer le processus de fabrication existant et l'améliorer pour éliminer d'autres risques potentiels. "
Anonyme, SCHRADER PACIFIC (19/09/2023)

Overall objectives

  • Know how to organize, plan and realize Reverse Process FMEAs in agreement with requirements of IATF 16949 and car makers’ & tier 1 suppliers Customer Specific Requirements relative to Reverse PFMEA

Learning operational objectives

  • Understand Reverse PFMEA general principle, its benefits for the organization.
  • Understand Reverse PFMEA working documents and adapt them to the trainees’ organization, local context & requirements.
  • Understand Reverse PFMEA organization and steps to follow for its realization.
  • Conduct a real Reverse PFMEA on one of the processes of the trainees, on the shop floor. Carry out the corresponding PFMEA update and Initiate the resulting action plans.
  • Understand differences and interactions between:
    • Reverse Process FMEA and regular PFMEA Updates.
    • Reverse Process FMEA and the other Quality, Risk analysis and problems solving tools.
  • Know how to trigger and leverage realization of Reverse PFMEAs in adequate situations in development, industrialization and serial life production, in agreement with IATF 16949 and applicable CSRs.
  • Know how to apply Reverse PFMEA in an “efficient” and “active” way thanks to techniques that allow:
    • Application of Reverse PFMEA in priority on most critical process steps (most important short term added value).
    • Gain of time by “mutualizing” Reverse PFMEAs on some process steps that are unique in the shop floor or very similar from one process to the other.
    • A long term, regular and feasible planning of Reverse PFMEA in the shop floor.

The "Pluses" of the training session

  • This training allows to train the participants and the moderators of the Reverse PFMEA process and of the associated audits. The future moderators practice the moderation of a full scale Reverse PFMEA, directly on one of the processes of the company which organizes the training, with the help of the trainer.
  • This training includes a 6-months period of post training support (email exchanges, webinars, phone, response time depending on the trainer’s availability).
  • Training tailored on examples of internal products and manufacturing processes of the organizing company (Case study used if necessary). Workshops made on these examples.
  • Theoretical parts organized in a dynamic and interactive way (workshops in subgroups, quizzes, questions, etc.).

Organization and resources

  • Vertice Engineering will detail prior to the training the material elements and the organization necessary for the theoretical part of the training and for the Reverse PFMEA workshop conducted on one internal manufacturing process.
  • The training room should be equipped with a video projector as well as a paper or white board with colored pens available and working.
  • Each attendee receives a training manual in English as well as exercise and workshop files used during the session.

Evaluation mode

  • Level assessment quizzes for each attendee at the beginning and the end of the training session.
  • Cold evaluation questionnaire, to evaluate achievements realized after the training completed 3 months after training, by each attendee, with their hierarchy.
  • Hot satisfaction questionnaire completed by each attendee at the end of the training.

Targeted audience

  • Anyone involved in the improvement of manufacturing processes by realizing Process FMEA or Reverse Process FMEA.


  • Even though the principles of Process FMEA are reminded in the introduction of this training, participants are required to be familiar with the Process FMEA tool and its basic benefits.
  • Participants should have an experience of the products and manufacturing processes of the company organizing the training.

Trainer profile

  • Holds master’s diploma from top tier engineering school (Centrale, INSA, Arts et Métiers, UTC). Equivalent to Master's degree in industrial engineering.
  • 20 years of industrial experience in the implementation of design and development methodologies in risk assessment for automotive industry (Functional analysis, DFMEA, PFMEA, etc.).

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