Our training modalities

Intra-company or shared packages

Depending on the number of participants, Vertice Engineering offers you two options for orgranization.

Shared package

  • Learners come from several different structures or companies.
  • The planning is done on the dates proposed in advance by Vertice Engineering (schedule available on the homepage of the site!).
  • The overall cost of training is capped.
  • The rate per participant is degressive depending on the size of the entire group.

Intra-company package

  • Learners all belong to the same structure.
  • The planning is done directly on the dates negotiated with the organizing company.
  • Tailor-made adaptation can be very extensive: adaptation of content, duration, tools, exercises according to internal processes and the culture of the organizing company.
  • The rates are negotiated directly with the organizing company according to these adaptations and generally very interesting for large groups (more than 4 learners).

Face-to-face or online training

Vertice Engineering offers both face-to-face and online training.

Depending on the need, these two types of organisation can of course be combined. For example, a half-day online theoretical part, followed by a one-day on-site practical workshop the following week.

Face to face

The most traditional organization: the trainer and learners are in the same room on the customer’s site or in a third party site.

  • Type of training particularly suitable for training requiring workshops in the field (reverse AMDEC, Audits...).
  • More user-friendly exchanges and more interaction with the trainer and between participants, especially informally during breaks.
  • Additional costs related to the travel of the trainer and/or learners.
  • Not very flexible in terms of planning organisation: it is particularly difficult to organise training over several half-days or weeks for example.


The most modern organization: training takes place online, each at home. The pedagogical means are adapted to maintain the most effective interactivity possible!

  • No additional travel costs for the trainer and/or learners.
  • Very flexible in terms of planning: online training courses are often offered over several half-days spread out over the week, which makes them more accessible to some learners less available.
  • Limited visual contact and movement: does not allow field visits for practical exercises and group activities more difficult to implement.
  • Attention and concentration more difficult to maintain than for a modality in face-to-face: this usually leads to an adaptation of the schedules (more frequent and/ or longer breaks).


Autonomous learning par excellence: modules to complete at home. 1 to 2 hours of interactive videos and exercises, supplemented by a final quiz to validate the achievements.

  • Full autonomy. You work when you want, in one or more times. The training remains accessible for a year.
  • To go further, it is always possible to ask questions on the subject of the training by contacting us directly.
  • To enhance it with practical learning tailored to your company, think of blended training!
  • If you do not find your happiness in our offer, no problem! We create e-learing modules for you! Contact us directly to talk about it!

Blended training

The ideal balance between E-learning and classical training: theoretical learning is done in E-learning mode, accompanied by a practical workshop with an expert trainer.

  • You benefit from the same guarantees of quality, tailor-made adaptation and post-training support as our conventional trainings but at a lower cost because the effective training time is shorter!
  • Complete autonomy for theoretical e-learning module. Everyone works at their own pace: slowly for beginners, faster for the more experimented. Ideal for groups of heterogeneous level!
  • The practical workshop can be done face-to-face or online. Ideal for multi-site training.
  • Though the theoretical part in e-learning is standardized, the practical workshop can be fully tailored to your activity.

Other practical arrangements


All persons with disabilities, people with reduced mobility, visually impaired and hard of hearing, can attend all our training courses, provided that they report it as soon as possible so that we can adapt the premises and training ressources to their needs.