Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the capacity of our clients to put more innovative products on the market, in reduced time and costs.

To achieve this, we integrate state-of-the-art, applicable standards and requirements, as well as innovative scientific methodologies in trainings of technical and pedagogical high-level, tailor-made customized to our customers' processes, products and industrial contexts.

Industrial organizations are facing today a complexification of the needs expressed by their market due to the following factors:

  • Globalisation of competition (R&D included).
  • Apparition of new standards and regulation (safety, environment...).
  • Intensification of emergence of disruptive technologies that continuously revolution marketplaces.
  • Evolution of customers' expressed and implicit needs.

Facing these new complexities, Vertice Engineering continuously updates its knowledge and capabilities in order to guide its clients towards optimal solutions.

Our objective is always that the added value that we bring is much higher than the investment of our clients in us. Our “shared” training approach helps to increase this Quality/Price ratio.

85% of our customers choose to renew their trust in us on a recurring basis.